AuthorElaine L. Hughes, Arlene J. Kwasniak, Alastair R. Lucas
The University of Alberta McCalla Professorship, the Borden Ladner
Gervais Fellowship, the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, and
the Foundation for Legal Research provided signif‌icant funding in sup-
port of this project, for which we are very gratefu l. This funding gave us
the ability to hire some wonderful student s, and we would like to thank
Laura D Kumpf, Greg Plester, Luis Pando Lopez, Andrew Barbero, Mark
Graham, and Nonye Opara for their hard work. Administrative and
secretarial support was provided by Kim Cordeiro, Thea Benemerito,
Patricia Payne, Shirl Roch, Sue Parsons (Canadian Institute of Resources
Law, University of Calgary, Faculty of Law), and the Law Faculties at
both the University of Calgar y and the University of Alberta, Edmon-
ton, and the Canadian Institute of Resources Law.
Thanks go out to everyone involved for all their help in putting thi s
project together and, as always, to our families for their patience and
Elaine L Hughes, Arlene J Kwasniak, and Ala stair R Lucas
June 2016

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