AuthorSusan Barker, Erica Anderson
First, we would like to thank our families for their love, support, and
understanding during the long process of writing this book. We also
owe a debt of gratitude to our work coeagues who provided us with
some great ideas and feedback, and to the Toronto Association of Law
Libraries and the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada,
both of which gave us our rst opportunity to showcase our research.
Many thanks to our feow law librarians at the Canadian Association
of Law Libraries who supported our project by awarding us the Michael
Silverstein Prize for an early version of Chapter 1 that was published as
an article in the Canadian Parliamentary Review. ere were also some
individuals who guided and encouraged us while we were writing this
book: thanks to Anver Emon, from the University of Toronto Faculty of
Law, for aowing us to audit his Statutory Interpretation class at the
very beginning when we were just learning the ropes; to Rich Sage, Lor-
raine Luski, and Jeanee Bosschart, who were kind enough to read our
rst dra and oer gentle critiques and suggestions for improvement
that we happily took on board. And nay, we would like to thank our
bosses, Wendy Reynolds, Mary Saulig, and Vicki Whitme from the
Legislative Assembly of Ontario and its library, and Gian Medves and
John Papadopoulos from the Bora Laskin Law Library. ank you a.
Susan and Erica

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