AuthorSimon Noël
ProfessionFederal Court
[ 639 ]
     Courts’ th Anniversary Committee would
like to thank all the authors for their valuable contributions to this commem-
orative book. Notably, we wish to thank Professors Ian Greene, Martine Valois,
Peter McCormick, and Craig Forcese for their extraordinary leadership, their
knowledge, and their constant support. ey conducted interviews, drafted
several chapters, and helped manage this project to make this book, which now
serves as an important tome in the history of these courts, a reality.
e members of the Federal Courts’ th Anniversary Committee
believed that each author should be given full academic freedom. It was our
position that this independence would allow each author to provide their
insights and opinions on their respective subject matters in a meaningful
way. ey did just that. As such, the views expressed are those of the authors
and do not ref‌lect those of the Courts.
We also wish to thank the Courts Administration Service, notably their
dedicated team led by Lise Lafrenière Henrie with the support of Amélie
Lavictoire and Chantal Proulx, for their contributions in each of their areas
of expertise.
Furthermore, we are indebted to the Courts Administration Service for
the translation and review of chapters from English to French and vice versa,
and in particular to Ana Gómez who oversaw the coordination of it all. As
well, a special mention to the Courts’ professional and dedicated jurilinguists
Guillaume Chénard, Marie-Luc Simoneau, Elisabeth Ross, and Mario Lagacé.
Lastly, a word of gratitude to Sylvie Ouellette, judicial coordinator to the Fed-
eral Courts’ th Anniversary Committee for her dedicated work.
Finally, to the editors at Irwin Law (Jerey Miller, Lesley Steeve, and
Heather Raven) and Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal (Patrick Poirier),
we thank you for making the contents of this book accessible to all.
he Honourable Simon Noël
Federal Court
Chair, Federal Courts’ th Anniversary Committee

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