AuthorNathan Baker/Jaye Hooper
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the immediate closing of in-
person court appearances left me with less work in the traditional sense,
but also left me with a wife working on the frontlines in healthcare and
two young boys learning from home.I started the book because I wanted
a distraction during the hard times.The encouragement from my wife,
Amy, and understanding from my two boys, Josh and Oli, gave me the for-
titude to accomplish something extra during the lockdowns and helped
me keep my sanity.I want to thank Jaye Hooper for her amazing contri-
butions, especially her chapter on civil liability issues. Jaye’s contributions
were invaluable in keeping me thinking past my comfort zone of criminal
law.I want to thank all my editors, especially my mother Connie and
the various proofreaders at Irwin Law who had to go through things so
often. Iam a terrible editor, and your hard work is especially important at
bringing my thoughts together in a cogent form.The technology involved
in autonomous vehicles is still developing and the law will develop with
it.The joy of the common-law is its ability to evolve with the changing
times. Autonomous vehicles will be a real test as they continue to progress.
Nathan Baker
August 2021

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