AuthorSteve Coughlan
In addition to those than ked in previous editions, I would like to add
my appreciation to the Schulich School of Law for providing rese arch
funding, and to Anthony Buckland for his tireless work in doing that
research. This ed ition has incorporated discussion of the many chan-
ges to the Criminal Code made by Bil l C-75 in 2019: those are so exten-
sive and widespread that most ch apters in the book are affected in one
way or another. I am very grateful to Shannon Dav is-Ermuth and Phae-
dra Glushek of the Federal Department of Justice for their as sistance
in understanding al l of those changes. In addition, my th anks go to
Heather Raven, Lesley Steeve, and Danna Petersen-Deeprose at Irwin
Law for editorial and techn ical assista nce.

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