AuthorNatasha Bakht
[ xiii ]
    to the women I interviewed for this project. ey
were kind, patient, and generous with me and I was inspired by their
commitment and courage to living life as they see best despite the many
unfortunate obstacles put in their way. My family has been, as always,
an immeasurable source of support. ey have listened, encouraged, sus-
tained, and distracted (when appropriate). I wish to thank them: Anita
Bakht, Baidar Bakht, Heather Brady Bakht, Sacha Bakht, Isaac Sikander
Bakht, Isla Veronica Bakht, Carmela Murdocca, Justine Bouquier, Lynda
Collins, and Elaan Das Bakht.
I am also indebted to many good friends who shared conversations,
feedback, and expertise that deeply inf‌luenced the book: Constance
Backhouse, Lori Beaman, Kiran Bhinder, Yvonne Coutts, Vanessa Gru-
ben, Meera Karunananthan, Graham Mayeda, and Jennifer Selby. I was
aided in no small part by the excellent research assistance of Vanessa
Baker-Murray, Heather Cross, and Jordan Palmer. I am thankful for
the f‌inancial support of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council. e team at Irwin Law has been such a pleasure to work with.
anks in particular to Lesley Steeve for her insightful comments and
meticulous eye for detail.

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