AuthorAri Kaplan/Mitch Frazer
The authors would like to acknowledge the following for their contribu-
tions to the third ed ition of Pension Law.
Ari Kaplan
It goes without saying that a project of thi s magnitude involves the
eort, assistance, and gratitude of numerous individuals. I w rote the
f‌irst edition of this book bet ween 2002 and 2005, when I was a young
lawyer. I am grateful to Koskie Min sky LLP, which supported me dur-
ing its development, and in particular my former law partner Mark
Zigler, who was my mentor at the f‌irm and read an early draft of that
The impulse to write thi s book crystallized during 2001 while I
was completing my LLM in admin istrative law at Osgoode Hall L aw
School. I would like to acknowledge Justice Lorne Sossin of the Onta rio
Court of Appeal, who coordinated that program and encouraged me to
expand the scope of my thesi s paper into a book manuscript, and Jus-
tice Eileen Gillese of the Onta rio Court of Appeal, who gave me similar
words of encouragement and put me in touch with Je Miller and the
f‌irst-rate publishing team at Irw in Law. A special thank you to Lesley
Steeve of Irwin Law who helped us t hrough this new edition.
The second edition of this book, published in 2013, would not have
materiali zed without the eort and dedication of Mitch Frazer of Torys
LLP. I am so proud to be his co-author, then and now. I echo Mitch’s
words about Tom Stevenson, who has been an invaluable editor and

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