AuthorNeil Guthrie
From the f‌ir edition
Some words of thanks: to Bennett Jones LLP for indulging me on
Fridays during my time there, and for permitting me to inf‌lict my
views on the public, both on Slaw and here; to Jef‌f Miller, Alisa Pose-
sorski, and Lesley Steeve at Irwin Law; to Steve Matthews and Emma
Durand- Wood at Slaw and Stem Legal; to Shaunna Mireau of Slaw
and Field Law; and to the many readers who have agreed and dis-
agreed with me, suggested topics and encouraged me to keep going
(notably, my parents, Joan Bilsland, Celia Chandler, Joseph Petrie,
James and Louise Reed, Barb Sheperd, and Angela Swan). My sister
and best reader Gay Guthrie provided helpful non-lawyer comments.
Michael Motala also reviewed the manuscript and made good sug-
gestions. For the index, I am grateful to John Barkwell (freelancein-, who also spotted some typos and infelicities.
For help of various kinds and permission to quote, I am grateful
to Borden Ladner Gervais LLP; Matthew Butterick; Keith Sipe and
Carolina Academic Press; Mary Bergin-Cartwright, Tom McKibbin,
and Shelagh Phillips in the permissions department at Oxford Uni-
versity Press; Karen L Charney in Alumni Relations and Develop-
ment at UC Davis; Judith Fischer; Barry Glaspell; Ross Guberman,
Christopher Howse; Icon Books; the Hon Mr Justice John Laskin of
the Court of Appeal for Ontario; O’Connor’s; John O’Neill and Fraser
Nelson of The Spectator; Lynne Truss and David Higham Associates;

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