AuthorChristopher Waters
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This is the second edition of Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law.
The rst edition was written by Professors Craig Forcese and Nicole
LaViolette of the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. I readily and
gratefully acknowledge that I am building on the work of Craig
and Nicole (a wonderful human being, academic, and cyclist who
passed away, far too soon, in May 2015). While the law still does not
adequately protect cyclists, or do enough to promote active trans-
portation, there have been positive regulatory changes since 2014
when the rst edition was published. The main goal of the second
edition is simply to update the state of the law. Naturally, I have
also brought some of my own views on cycling and the law to the
project, reecting my experience commuting by bike and engaging
in cycling advocacy. Nonetheless, this second edition very much
“piggybacks” on the rst in structure, substance, and text, and I am
humbled by Craig’s trust in me to do the second edition. In pre-
paring this edition, I have also had the insights of Patrick Brown
(McLeish Orlando LLP), Lori Newton (Bike Windsor Essex), Anneke
Smit (Windsor Law), and Shanthi Senthe (Windsor Law). All views,
as well as any errors, are mine.
I also thank Je Miller, Lesley Steeve, and the team at Irw in
Law for their continued interest in the subject. As with the rst edi-
tion, all author royalties will go to the Share the Road Cycling Coali-
tion. Support for earlier research on bike law from the Canadian

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