AuthorRichard D. Schneider; Caitlin Pakosh; Lora Patton
The fth edition of Annotated Ontario Mental Health Statutes (and Part XX. of the Criminal Code
of Canada) comes more than three decades after the rst edition in . Over this time the vol-
ume of cases has increased tremendously, and we have the “new”  Criminal Code provisions
in place. It all means there is a lot more territory to cover. With this fth edition, I have had the
privilege of having Caitlin Pakosh and Lora Paton join me as co-authors. Without their expertise
and energy, this text would not have been possible. Caitlin is an accomplished lawyer with con-
siderable writing experience. Lora, as a result of her work with the Consent and Capacity Board,
is a recognized expert in the area of civil mental health legislation. Lesley Steeve at Irwin Law has
been of immense editorial assistance in keeping us all organized and on track with a work that is
more logical and readable than it otherwise would have been. Finally, I am extremely grateful to
the team at Irwin Law for their unfailing and apparently limitless support of this project. I feel as
though I am but one small contributor.
R D Schneider
Working with my co-authors and the Irwin Law editorial team on this update to Richard Schneider’s
expansive and authoritative text was an absolute pleasure and a memorable learning experience.
My sincere gratitude goes to each member of our team. Only with your support and dedication
could we see this project to its completion. This includes, of course, Lesley Steeve as Irwin Law’s
Editor-in-Chief, who patiently worked with Richard, Lora, and I to polish the book to its nal form.
Like my colleague Lora, I would like to thank Richard Schneider in particular for his enthusiasm
and guidance. I am grateful to have been invited by Richard to contribute to the text in the rst
place and I will forever be in appreciation of his patience as I juggled this project with my work
and family life.
C Pakosh
I thank Marg Creal, Chair of the Consent and Capacity Board, for allowing access to the Board-
owned case compilation for this project.Specic thanks to Isfahan Merali, who had identied key
cases and summarized these for the Board, and to Nina Lester and Suzanne Clapp who helped
with this task.Their work assisted us in ensuring a more complete reference guide. I thank my
co-authors and the editorial team for keeping me on track including tirelessly responding to
questions and requests for review material.Finally, a special thanks to Richard Schneider for his
endless support and cheerleading.
Lora Patton

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