AuthorDavid A. Potts; Erin Stoik
First, we would like to thank Jef‌f Miller, our publisher at Irwin, for supporting
this project with his usual irrepressible enthusiasm and for assigning such a
gifted editor, Danna Petersen-Deeprose, to assist us immeasurably.
We would like to thank our editor for their patience, diligence, and
thoughtful suggestions in reviewing material. Danna’s clear communication
and responsiveness to our queries and comments throughout this process
have been invaluable, and their skills have been crucial in establishing the
structure and f‌low of this text. We are so appreciative of their assistance.
We also thank the legal editor, Victor Selby, for his prompt and careful
review of the material, which is such an important part of this process.
We would like to thank Clare Littlechild for her research and compilation
of the Bibliography on Anti-SLAPP articles from the United States and Can-
ada from Google Scholar. She did this work promptly, eciently, and with
very little direction. We look forward to her joining us in the legal profession
in the future to pursue her passion for international human rights.
We would also like to thank Allan, Andrew, and David Lane, the sons of
the Honourable Dennis Lane QC, for their gracious approval of our dedica-
tion to their father as well as their helpful amendments to our dedication.
David Potts:
I would like to thank my co-author, Erin Stoik, for her thoughtful and
meticulous work throughout the process of writing the text. She consistently
performed her work in a timely, cheerful manner while juggling the demands
of her own practice and family—a masterful multitasker.
I would also like to thank the Honourable Ian Binnie CC QC (formerly
a Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada), the Honourable Robert Sharpe
FRSC (formerly a Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal), and the Honour-
able Colin Campbell QC (formerly a Justice of the Ontario Superior Court of

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