Acknowledgements from the Editors

AuthorMartine Valois/Ian Greene/Craig Forcese/Peter McCormick
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Acknowledgements from the Editors
     eort for which we have many to thank.
First, we are indebted to the leadership and guidance provided to us by Chief
Justice Marc Noël of the Federal Court of Appeal, Chief Justice Paul Cramp-
ton of the Federal Court, and the Federal Courts’ th Anniversary Steering
Committee, composed of Justices Richard Boivin and Donald J Rennie from
the Federal Court of Appeal and Justices Simon Noël and James O’Reilly
from the Federal Court. Justice Simon Noël, chair of the committee, Lise
Lafrenière Henrie, Executive Director of the Federal Court, and Amélie Lavic-
toire, Executive Director of the Federal Court of Appeal, were particularly
helpful to us through being the point persons always available to answer our
inquiries and provide guidance, and through soliciting comments on draft
chapters from judges whose specialties and experience were particularly us e-
ful. e judges of the courts were completely respectful of academic freedom,
and we want to stress that the ideas and conclusion expressed in this book
are entirely our own and those of the contributing authors.
e Courts Administration Service not only provided research grants
to our four universities so that we could hire research assistants to analyze
the voluminous data collected through interviews and background question-
naires, but CAS also assisted in numerous other ways. Personnel at CAS
scheduled most of our interviews with current and retired judges, and we
are grateful for their tireless work in preparing and updating the interview

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