Acknowledgements from the first edition

AuthorMichel Proulx
from the First Edition
I should underline, at the outset, that the offer from the publishers to
write this book came as a result of a suggest ion to them by my colleague
Louise Otis, following a pa nel on ethics in crim inal law which was
held in Montreal a few years ago and had a great succe ss among the
The realization of a lifetime project of this m agnitude could not
have been achieved without the contribution and support of so many
great scholars and fr iends.
I am particula rly indebted to my co-author who made this book
possible. His passion for the subject and his ded ication to quality in
research were tr uly remarkable.
I would also like to than k the following, throughout Canada, for
their comments on the text and t heir valuable time. My colleagues
Melvin Rothman, Morr is Fish and Joseph Nuss, the Honourable Michael
Moldaver, J.A., The Honourable Fred Kaufman, Bruno Pateras, Q.C.,
Richard Shadley, Q.C., Frangois Daviault, Raphael Schachter, Q.C.,
Richard Masson, Lori Weitzm an, Guy Cournoyer, Marc David, Suzanne
Costom; Clayton Ruby, Q.C.; Alan D. Gold; Richard C.C. Peck, Q.C.;
Joel E. Pink, Q.C.; Fred Ferguson, Q.C.; Daniel A. Bellemare, Q.C.
Special than ks are expressed to Daniel A. Bellem are, Q.C., Assistant
Deputy Attorney General of Canada, who wa s intrumental i n obtaining
f‌inancial as sistance extended by t he Department of Justice for the pub-
lication of this book.

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