AuthorJames G. Wigmore
I was fortunate in the f‌irst  years of my professional career to work
at one of the top forensic laboratories in North America, the Centre of
Forensic Sciences (CFS) in Toronto. When I started there in the Toxicol-
ogy Section in , the court-going scientists who testif‌ied in alcohol-
related cases were very experienced, dedicated, and extremely helpful to
a new, inexperienced scientist like me. The technologists and other sta f‌f
were also of great assista nce.
I would like to acknowledge their contribution to my professional
education. These people include Ron Hallett, Rita Charlebois, A.E.D.
Hall, John Kofoed, Ismai l Moftah, Bill Robin son, Bernie Yen, Wanch-
ing Sun, Frank McAuley, George Cimbura, John Wells, Andrew Bell,
Dale Randall, Teri Kang, and Gladys Uchimaru; and later Daryl Mayers,
Robert Langille, Robert Chechlacz, Mike Corbett, M arie Elliot, Laura
Gorczynski, Justi n Hinman, Chris House, Betty Chow, Teri Martin, J.-P.
Palmentier, Karen Woodall, Patricia Solbeck, Yvonna Buczek, Marc Pel-
letier, Dave Riley, and Mike Wilkie; Gus Cline, Norm Shaw, Bruce Mar-
kle, Gord Leslie, and Arma nd Giroux (of the Ontario Provincia l Police);
Jef‌f Patrick (Toronto Police Service); Ed Nicholson (Peel Regional Police);
Pat Frost (Ottawa Police Service); and many others. I was also fortun-
ate that CFS had a large librar y with a staf‌f of three—Eva Gulbinowicz,
Maryanne Brenton, and Catalina Che—who were able to f‌ind many of
the obscure and old alcohol-related papers for me.
My major mentor at CFS was Doug Lucas, who was the director of the
laboratory for the f‌irst  years or so that I worked there. He was a wise
and perceptive director who encouraged and inspired me immensely.

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