AuthorLesli Bisgould
ProfessionAdjunct Professor, Faculty of Law
I must start by grateful ly acknowledging Irwi n Law’s interest in pub-
lishing a book about anima ls and the law, and the decision that the sub-
ject is an essential one for its collection. Alisa Posesorski was keenly
interested and was so ea sy to deal with th at the process was enjoyable.
My colleagues at the Clinic Resource Off‌ice were very supportive
of the effort to get this book written. Katryn Pereira did everything she
could to get me the time I needed to write it, and many others helped
me stay up-to-date on developments.
I am so grateful for the generous contributions of four women who
were law students at the time we began to t alk about animals. Maria
Golarz, Camille L abchuk, Annalea Pippus, and Tin a Sun each did re-
search and draft ing for a respective chapter, of which I made signif‌i-
cant use in the f‌inal version. I am thankf ul, not only for the work they
saved me, but for the inspiration I draw from the committed intellec-
tual approach they took to the subject. Others helped me put the pieces
together. Thank you to Mark Arnold and Kate Kempton for answering
questions, and to Kathy Bocsi and Charlene Schafer for helping with
some research.
I thank and admire Clayton Ruby, who has been such a gener-
ous mentor and who has represented the interest s of animals, and the
people who advocate for them, with the same determin ation and whole-
heartedness w ith which he is known to f‌ight for human right s.
I am motivated by many advocates for anima ls who work long hours
in bleak subject matter, persevering to tell tr uths that some people

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