AuthorDavid A. Potts
ProfessionBarrister, Bar of Ontario
Acknowled gements
A book of this size and complexity can only be completed with the assist-
ance and work of a ver y competent team. i s book is no dierent. First, I
would like to t hank the assistance I received f rom the indiv iduals in our of-
ce. Leandra Delgado began simply typing my dras. She blossomed into an
“air trac controller” who has organized, coordinated, and made decisions
on a wide range of issues in the book, and without whose assistance this book
could have never been completed. A great deal of help in typing was received
from a number of individuals. Linda Haney, as usual, has kept us all on track
and allowed us to continue with this project w ithout the other aspects of the
law rm collapsing.
Outside the oce, I received enormous as sistance from Ir win Law. In
particula r, Je Miller ha s been more than merely a publisher; he has been a
sounding board, advisor, and in many cases a friend in the production of this
book. Dan Wiley, our editor, has gone far beyond the duties of an e ditor. He
has tack led this topic with real enthusiasm, and has contributed enormous
expertise th rough his own skills a nd graduate work in communications. His
impact is ev ident throughout the b ook, in par ticular in the Search Engines,
Hyperlinks and Soc ial Networking Sites sections.
I have known Dennis Lane for nearly twenty-ve years. When he was sen-
ior counsel at Oslers, he spent a full day with me discussing and trying to un-
ravel some of the obscure aspects of libel practice for my rst book, Canadian
Libel Practice. As a judge in the Ontar io Superior Cour t of Justice, he has
written some of the leading defamation decisions in Canada: Magnotta Win-
ery Ltd. v. Ziraldo on pleadings; Lubarevich v. Nurgitz on absolute privilege;
Magnotta Winery Ltd . v. Ziraldo,  CanLII  (ON S.C.),
Lubarevich v. Nurgitz, [] O.J. No.  (Gen. Div.)

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