AuthorGeorge Takach
ProfessionAdjunct Professor
xl computer law
Although the writing of a book is an intensely solitary experience,
books like this one simply do not get written in a vacuum. I therefore
wish to acknowledge, first and foremost, the primary debt I incurred
while working on this project to my wife, Janis, and my daughter,
Natalie, who continue to provide a constant source of encouragement
and solace throughout my working, writing, and teaching endeavours.
Family is so important. I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to my
extended family at McCarthy Tétrault, the firm where I practise law.
There is simply no doubt in my mind that I practise law at the finest
law firm in the country; for the stimulating intellectual and profes-
sional environment created by my partners and our firm’s associates I
am truly grateful. A number of my partners will recognize elements of
their intellectual handiwork in the following pages and to them I am
particularly indebted. Yet another part of the McCarthy Tétrault fami-
ly are the clients of the firm that I work with; thank you for the con-
stant stream of interesting files. And as for Fonda Chau, my secretary,
who tamed the ungainly manuscript with her cool professionalism and
word processing magic, I simply could not have done it (and run a
busy law practice at the same time) without her. Thank you very much.
I should also like to acknowledge my gratitude to the two great law
schools in Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School at York University and
the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, where I have taught com-
puter law courses over the past dozen years. Teaching serves to sharp-
en my thinking about legal issues and allows me periodically to take
stock and assess the big picture. It also pushes me to stay current with
legal developments, lest I be embarrassed by a particularly bright stu-
dent who stays up half the night surfing Internet legal sites in New
Zealand for the latest Kiwi computer law case (this has happened). A
great pleasure that I derive from my students is the symbiotic relation-
ship we share: they tell me about the latest technology gizmos (and neat
New Zealand legal Web sites) and I help them make sense of comput-

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