AuthorMark Freeman, Gibran Van Ert
The authors gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Sharryn Aiken,
Ben Berger, Federico Borello, Anthony di Caprio, Laila Demirdache,
Claire and David Freeman, Nicos Fassler, Joanna Harrington, Andrew
Matheson, Stefan Matiation, Hanny Megally, John Mihevc, Roger
O’Keefe, Goro Onojima, Joanna Quinn, Ena Paul, Sacha Paul, Stéphanie
Sirois, and Marieke Wierda. Mark Freeman is particularly grateful to
Betty Feder, Sarah Hellmann, Adela Mall, and Norma Won for their
extensive editorial assistance, and to Annamie Paul for her tremendous
love and support throughout the writing of this book. Gib van Ert wish-
es to express his gratitude to Claude Beaulne, Leslie Hinds, Alicia Loo
and the rest of the staff of the Library of the Supreme Court of Canada.
He also wishes to acknowledge the support of the Lauterpacht Research
Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge, and the Vancou-
ver offices of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. Finally, both authors are espe-
cially grateful to Stephen Toope for his comments on the final
manuscript, and to William Kaplan, Jeffrey Miller, Catherine Hatt, and
Heather Raven at Irwin Law.

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