AuthorRichard Moon
ProfessionFaculty of Law, University of Windsor
Early work on this book was supported by grants from the Social Sci-
ences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Law Foun-
dation of Ontario. The book draws on my earlier publications, including
the following:
“Liberty, Neutrality and Inclusion: Freedom of Religion under the
Canadian Charter of Rights” (2003) 41 Brandeis LJ 563
“From Liberty to Equal Respect: Religious Freedom under the Can-
adian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” in M Habibi et al, eds, Theor-
etical Foundations of Human Rights (Qom, Iran: Mof‌id University
Publications, 2007)
“Religious Commitment and Identity: Syndicat Northcrest v. Amselem
(2005) 29 Sup Ct L Rev (2d) 201
“Government Support for Religious Practice” and “Introduction” in R
Moon, ed, Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada (Vancouver: UBC
Press, 2008)
“Divorce and the Marriage of Law and Religion: Comment on Bruker
v. Marcovitz” (2008) 42 Sup Ct L Rev (2d) 37
“Accommodation without Compromise: Comment on Alberta v. Hut-
terian Brethren of Wilson Colony” (2010) 51 Sup Ct L Rev (2d) 95
“The Supreme Court of Canada’s Attempt to Reconcile Freedom of
Religion and Sexual Orientation Equality in the Public Schools” in
D Rayside & C Wilcox, eds, Faith, Politics and Sexual Diversity (Van-
couver: UBC Press, 2011)

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