   became this handbook began with
lofty goals. Many mediators (upwards of forty) oered to
participate. In the event, however, most volunteers were
distracted by other demands. ose who participated did
so eagerly and with imagination. Several have participat-
ed (gratis) as team leaders in practical seminars to small
groups of junior litigators in the Advocacy Club on the
subjects of negotiation and mediation. is spirit of vol-
untarism has become the hallmark of the modern profes-
sional giving their time and expertise to help the next
generation develop the skills to serve their clientele, the
public interest, and the legal profession. Kudos to them
for their participation. e contact information for each
appears at the end of this handbook. Readers are invited
to contact them for their next mediation.
is handbook is part of the Young Advocates Series.
Irwin Law demonstrated the vision to support a series of
practical handbooks aimed at lawyers looking to develop
skills largely ignored by law schools and bar associations,
and at a price within reach of young lawyers still saddled
with student loans. In particular, Irwin Law’s Alisa Pose-

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