This project has its origins in a workshop hosted by the Centre for Law, Tech-
nology and Society at the University of Ottawa in May 2012. From the work-
shop through to the nal completion of the manuscript, there have been
many people involved in many dierent ways in bringing this collection of
papers into being.
We gratefully acknowledge the active and engaged participation of all
those who attended our workshop. Many good ideas were sparked and much
feedback was shared with all participants over the course of the workshop.
While not every participant was able to submit a paper for the book, all played
an active role in the intensive discussions that we had. Many thanks as well
to our rapporteurs Dara Jospe and Sébastien Cusson, who kept a careful tran-
script of the lively discussions sparked by the dierent presentations.
In order to oer double-blind peer review of all of the manuscripts we re-
ceived, we needed the engaged participation of many reviewers from around
the world and from a range of dierent disciplines. We are very grateful to
all those who volunteered their time to read and give constructive feedback
on our papers.
We are very appreciative of the support we received both to fund the work-
shop and to fund the research assistance needed for the preparation of the
manuscript. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of Canada through its Aid to Scholarly Confer-
ences and Workshops program. We also greatly appreciate the support of the
University of Ottawa’s Fund for the Development of Interdisciplinary Initia-
tives, as well as the University of Ottawa’s support for conferences and work-
shops on campus. Our thanks to the Law Foundation of Ontario for support
for research assistance related to the book project, and to the Canada Research

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