AuthorJohn H. Currie, Craig Forcese, Joanna Harrington, Valerie Oosterveld
This book was made possible through the hard work of several students over the past sev-
eral years. Sincere thanks go to Adam Huff, Danna Ingleton, Koren Marriott, Lise Rivet,
and Chloé Rousselle, all former students of the University of Ottawa; and Kathleen Burke,
Joseph Cescon, Vera Dokter, Andrea Marlowe, Scott Robinson, and Kirsten Stefanik of the
University of Western Ontario. The authors also thank the Law Foundation of Ontario and
the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council for their support of the authors’
research activities, which have helped shape several chapters in this book.
The authors would also like to acknowledge, with gratitude, the team at Irwin Law,
particularly Jeff Miller for his belief in, and close collaboration on, this project, as well as
Lesley Steeve and Heather Raven for their help in the production of this book.

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