AuthorRichard D. Schneider
   been “under construction” for well over a decade. Ori-
ginal Times of London coverage from  was, at the time of the book’s
writing, only available on microche obtained from Bell & Howell.
is was “copy typed” over several months as the quality was too poor
to be scanned. In her spare time my secretary Sarah Takhsha gener-
ously assisted me with this arduous task. I am indebted to Sarah for
her valuable assistance. I would also like to thank Je Miller at Irwin
Law for his ideas as to how the original text could be improved upon
. . . there were many. Paul Illidge, our writer friend, was of invaluable
assistance in converting what was originally a rather documentary
manuscript into one which was much more of a story. Finally, I would
like to thank Pam Erlichman for her expert editorial skills and Hea-
ther Raven at Irwin Law for her beautiful organization of the text.

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