AuthorRobert G. Howell
ProfessionProfessor. Faculty of Law University of Victoria British Columbia
From the initial conception of a need for a work t hat would encapsu-
late, explain, and analyze the dynamic technology-dr iven changes that
were, and stil l are, reforging the dimensions of the law and policy ap-
plicable to telecommunications to the f‌inal product you are now read-
ing, the completion of this book ha s been stretched out over a long
period of time. As a consequence, most of the f‌inal content is entirely
new or is ref‌lective of e arlier research efforts only in broad categoriza-
Circumstances over the last t hree years h ave, however, allowed an
intensity of resources and effort that h as enabled thi s work to be com-
pleted. It i s to this period that my pri mary acknowledgements relate.
Financially, two research grants totalling $10,000 (2008 and 20 09)
from the Foundation for Legal Research were instrument al in enabling
completion by allowing the engagement of research assistance over a
sustained period of time. I am very appreciative of these awards from
the Foundation. I also thank the University of Victoria, Faculty of Law,
for making research assistance available to the extent that funding
permitted over shorter periods of time e ach year. Additionally, during
the years of oper ation of our International Intel lectual Property Law
program (2002–07) the re search a ssistance in implementation of th at
program ran parallel with many aspects of my research for this book so
that re search could be utilized for cross-purposes. My assistants also
had some time, at least prior to the commencement of courses, to focus

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