AuthorMaureen McTeer
[ ix ]
Writing can be a very solitary exercise, especially during a pandemic.
I have not read so many cases in a very long time, and yet enjoyed doing
so immensely. Writing this book reminded me of what I love about the
law as a practical and intellectual pursuit.
Several people helped make this book possible. Chief among them
was lawyer Steven Pasternak, who negotiated all the legal matters on my
behalf. Je Miller and his team at Irwin Law, especially Lesley Steeve,
were also invaluable to this book project. Professor Françoise Baylis
at Dalhousie University oered invaluable assistance and guidance, as
did Dr. Arthur Leader. I am most grateful to both for their generosity
and wisdom.
Joe, Catherine, Chad, and my grandchildren Alexandra and Charlie
also cheered me on to keep writing when I was stuck in the doldrums;
and thank you, Catherine, for the book's title! ank you all for being
there when I needed a boost to my morale.
Meera Saunderson, a young law graduate, was my research assistant,
and friends Nancy Tienhaara, Barbara Drucker, and Doralee Smith all
added their ideas and comments. Many thanks to each of you.
Of course, as expected, I am responsible for any mistakes. Hopefully
after going over the manuscript with a ne-tooth comb more times than
I care to remember, there are not many.
Bonne lecture!
Maureen A. McTeer
February 

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