Actions Commenced under the Conventions

AuthorJohn D. Holding, Q.C., MRAeS
[ 69 ]
Chapter 9: Actions Commenced under
the Conventions
1) Four Bases of Jurisdiction
The Warsaw Convention provides four bases for judicial jurisdiction.1
These were adopted in the Montreal Convention, which added a f‌ifth
The f‌irst four jurisdictions are the following state territories:
where the carrier is ordinarily resident
where the carrier has its principal place of business
where t he carrier has an establishment or place of business
through which the contract was made
the place of destination
i) “Ordinarily Resident” (the Montreal Convention refers to the
“domicile”): The place where the main corporate administration
is located, usually the place of incorporation and where the board
of directors meets.
1 Warsaw convention, at. 28
2 Montreal Convention, art. 33, pa ra. 2.

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