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AuthorDavid A. Potts; Erin Stoik
“Our landscape in libel has been turned upside down by SLAPP motions.
As counsel, you’re going to face one of these motions in a libel action if it
involves a public issue. This text is invaluable. If you are plunged into the
swamp this is your rope out. It covers every possible issue. A bible for the
plaintif‌f or defendant. It is a text of accuracy and comfort for the barrister.”
— Julian Porter, QC
Co-author ofCanadian LibeL PraCtiCe | fellow of the ameriCan College of trial lawyers |
honorary llD from both Queen’s university anD the law soCiety of upper CanaDa
“David Potts & Erin Stoik’s Guide to the Law and Practice of Anti-SLAPP Pro-
ceedings is an essential tool for any lawyer or judge involved in an Anti-SLAPP
motion. The Guide impressively also provides a comprehensive summary of
the substantive law of defamation as it might arise in these kinds of motions.
In many cases the Guide will be a one-stop resource for counsel. Given the
complexity of the law on these motions, the Guide will also be a valuable
resource to judges to assist them in applying the proper legal principles and
tests in rendering their decisions.”
—Howard Winkler
winkler law: meDia & Defamation lawyers
“Defamation law experts David Potts and Erin Stoik have done our profession
a great service by writing the comprehensive text Guide to the Law and Practice
of Anti-SLAPP Proceedings. The recently proclaimed anti-SLAPP legislation
in the Ontario Court of Justice and the British Columbia Protection of Public
Participation Act are the most notable developments in defamation law in the
past twenty years. Their text is extremely instructive and practical. It is the
seminal legal guide for Canadian lawyers and judges who grapple with anti-
SLAPP issues. Both David and Erin should be congratulated for demystifying
this complex area of the law. This area of the law can be easily assimilated by
accessing their text. Quite simply, the Guide to the Law and Practice of Anti-
SLAPP Proceedings is a must read for all civil lawyers and courts.”
—The Honourable Todd L. Archibald
retireD JustiCe of the ontario superior Court of JustiCe | eDitor of advoCates QuarterLy anD
annuaL review of CiviL Litigation | Co-author of ontario suPerior Court PraCtiCe:
annotated ruLes & LegisLation, Profiting from risk management and
CorPorate ComPLianCe, anD the triaL book

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