After George Floyd: June 2020

AuthorKent Roach
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After George Floyd: June 2020
On  May , Minneapolis police ocer Derek Chauvin murdered
GeorgeFloyd by holding his knee on the forty-six-year-old Black man’s neck
for more than eight minutes, including almost two minutes aer Floyd, who
was alleged to have purchased cigarettes with a counterfeit  bill, stopped
breathing. All four ocers involved with the arrest were quickly red from
the department and charged with murder. One of the ocers, Derek Chau-
vin, has been convicted of second-degree murder. George Floyd became a
household name and a rallying cry in massive protests. e same cannot be
said about the forty-eight Black men who have died in encounters with the
Canadian police or the eighty-nine Indigenous people who have died in
encounters with the police since .
ere is a smug sense among many Canadians that Canada does not face
the same magnitude of policing or other related problems as does the United
States. e month aer Floyd’s murder, however, should have removed this
sense of complacency. It should have established that Canadian policing
needs to change.
Aer a three-year investigation, British Columbia’s Independent Investiga-
tions Oce (IIO) announced on  June  that two RCMP ocers should
be charged with excessive use of force and three others with obstruction
of justice in relation to the  death of thirty-ve-year-old Dale Culver,

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