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Spring Session 2022

The Third Session of the 30th Legislature commenced with the Throne Speech on February 22, 2022. Two days later, on February 24, Travis Toews, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, delivered the Budget Address and tabled the budget documents for 2022-23. Budget 2022 moves away from pandemic-related supports and focuses on economic recovery, low taxes and a balanced budget. It also includes significant investments to increase the capacity of the healthcare system. The main estimates received consideration by the Legislative Policy Committees from March 7 through March 17. The votes on main estimates occurred in Committee of Supply on March 21.

The Government has brought forward a number of Bills at the outset of the new session, including:

* Bill 4, Municipal Government (Face Mask and Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Bylaws) Amendment Act, 2022, which, if passed, would require municipalities to seek approval from the Minister of Municipal Affairs prior to enacting masking or proof of vaccination bylaws that could impact private sector businesses and remove any such bylaws currently in place.

* Bill 5, Traffic Safety Amendment Act, 2022, would require motorists to slow down when passing snowplows and other road maintenance workers that are stopped with lights flashing. This will provide these roadside workers with the same protection given to first responders, construction crews and tow truck drivers.

* Bill 10, Health Professions (Protecting Women and Girls) Amendment Act, 2022, which would add to current laws banning female genital mutilation in Alberta by prohibiting individuals convicted of performing or facilitating this crime in the province or elsewhere from practicing in Alberta. It would also require health profession regulator colleges to adopt standards of practice to support the health of women and girls who have undergone genital mutilation.

* Bill 14, Provincial Court Amendment Act, 2022, would require provincial court judge applicants to complete sexual assault law training as well as social context issues education about stereotypes and prejudice before becoming eligible for appointment.

Support for Ukraine

On February 24, Speaker Nathan M. Cooper opened the sitting with a statement of solidarity in support of the people of Ukraine, followed by the Ukrainian National Anthem. Premier Jason Kenney, President of Executive Council and Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, introduced...

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