Analysis of Ontario's municipal election: of pro-life mayors and pro-abortion 'Catholic' trustees.

Author:Fonseca, Jack

Ontario's municipal election took place October 27th. During this cycle, voters got to elect new Mayors, Councillor's and School Board Trustees to local government.

This particular election year was tremendously important given the growing assault on democratic rights across the country, even at the municipal level. For example, we have seen City Councillor's in Hamilton, Sarnia and Guelph attempt to supress the free-speech rights of pro-lifers.

At the school board level, parental rights in education are being squeezed as the public education system grows ever bolder in its agenda to indoctrinate children with harmful theories, such as transgenderism and so-called "gender identity". These politically-motivated concepts are being pushed on children in public school as early as Jr. Kindergarten. They're also advancing rapidly into the Catholic school system, in spite of the fact that Christian anthropology clearly holds that human beings are either male or female.

Election night results brought pro-life and pro-family voters a mix of joyful celebration or feelings of deep disappointment, depending on the electoral district. In some places there were key victories. In Toronto, there was sadness at the defeat of a heroic public school trustee, Sam Sotiropoulos. Some Catholic ratepayers are deeply disappointed by the lack of success in removing unfit trustees in boards where pro-life challengers worked hard to replace them. However, others observing the same situation were buoyed by the fact that a growing number of faithful, pro-life individuals are seeking to take back their schools.


Overall, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) endorsed approximately 170 pro-life and pro-family municipal candidates across the province. Of that, 35% were elected or acclaimed, both to the office of trustee and municipal council. This puts a lot of good men and women in public office where they can influence policies in a way that respects the right to life, family values and religious freedom.

Campaign Life Coalition worked directly with many candidates, giving strategic campaign advice and providing volunteers to help with canvassing. CLC also conducted targeted get-out-the-vote drives for a large number of candidates, ensuring that supporters in those wards knew who to vote for.

These efforts by CLC (and its supporters) really paid off, as evidenced by the number of close races. Three of our candidates won by fewer than 50 votes! Eight...

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