Ontario Announces Summer Safety Inspection Blitz Of Crane Safety And Surface Mines And Quarries

Author:Mr Blair McCreadie
Profession:Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

The Ontario Ministry of Labour recently announced a summer safety inspection blitz targeting construction sites with mobile and tower cranes, as well as surface mines and quarries, as part of its Safe at Work Ontario enforcement strategy.

With respect to the inspection blitz of construction sites, the Ministry of Labour has announced that its inspectors will be particularly focused on ensuring that: (i) cranes have adequate access and fall arrest equipment, (ii) the crane operator is maintaining minimum required distances from energized power lines, (iii) crane operator log books and manuals are being properly kept and maintained; (iv) crane operators are appropriately certified, and (v) there are no issues with the structural, mechanical or foundational integrity of the mobile or tower cranes or their safety systems.

With respect to surface mines and quarries, the Ministry of Labour has indicated its intention to target pits and quarries that have not been previously inspected, or where compliance issues have been previously identified. As part of the safety blitz, MOL inspectors will be focusing on: (i) the adequacy and safe use of traffic control procedures, including appropriate training and signage, (ii) the condition of vehicle braking, steering, lighting and other safety components on mine or quarry vehicles, and (iii) confirmation that vehicle safety components are being tested, and that testing records are being maintained, as required by the Regulation for Mines and Mining Plants, R.R.O...

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