Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms Defined in or Relating to PHIPA

AuthorHalyna N. Perun; Michael Orr; Fannie Dimitriadis
The main definitions section of PHIPA defines thirty-three terms. Further
interpretive provisions are found in various sections of PHIPA and its regula-
tion. Understanding the definitions and keeping them in mind when reading
the Act is necessary in order to have an accurate understanding of PHIPA.
In addition to the terms defined in PHIPA, we use a few other special
terms in referring to important concepts or relevant legislation in a concise
and convenient manner. These terms are also set out and explained below. For
statute citations, which are not provided here, we ask readers to refer to the
Table of Statutes, Bills, Regulations, Orders, and Abbreviations found after the
Appendices. All section references are to PHIPA unless otherwise noted.
Term and Definition Section References,
Cross-references, and Notes
Agent,” in relation to a health information
custodian, means a person that, with the
authorization of the custodian, acts for or
on behalf of the custodian in respect of per-
sonal health information for the purposes
of the custodian, and not for the agent’s
own purposes, whether or not the agent has
the authority to bind the custodian, whether
or not the agent is employed by the custodi-
an, and whether or not the agent is being
Section 2.
A health information custodian’s use of
agents is subject to rules primarily set out
in s. 17.
(See Chapter 2.)
Appendix 1:
Glossary of Terms
Defined in or Relating

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