Appendix 1 - Provincial Fertility Coverage Regimes

AuthorMaureen McTeer
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– appendix 1 –
Provincial Fertility
Coverage Regimes
As a general note, all provinces pay for basic diagnostic services relating
to infertility. ese include consultations and the tests used to diag-
nose the cause(s) of infertility. Some provinces pay for basic treatments,
such as inseminations, for instance, and for pelvic surgeries and vari-
cocele repair. e specics are listed below for each province, current
to June .
Jurisdiction Regime
British Columbia Medical Services Pan (M SP): Covers diag-
nostic tests, including:
Semen quality check
Blood tests for hormones (men and women)
No coverage for fertility treatment or prescription
Alberta Alberta Health Care Pan: No coverage for assisted repro-
ductive technologies, including fertility treatments and in
vitro fertilization.
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Health Authority: Covers care associated
with medical assessment, including:
Semen analysis
Blood tests for hormones (men and women)
Urine testing
Hysterosalpingogram (HS G)

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