Appendix 3: Franchises Act

AuthorFrank Zaid
ProfessionSenior Partner Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
S.P.E.I. 2005, CHAPTER 36
BE IT ENACTED by the Lieutenant Governor and the Legislative As-
sembly of the Province of Prince Edward Island as follows:
1. (1) In this Act
(a) “disclos ure document” means the disclosure document required by
section 5;
(b) “franchise” means a right to engage in a business where the fr an-
chisee is required by contract or otherwise to make a payment or
continuing payments, whether direct or indirect, or a commit-
ment to make such payment or payments, to the franchisor or the
franchisor’s associate in the course of operating the business or as
a condition of acquiring the franchise or commencing operations
(i) in which
(A) the franchisor grants the franchisee the right to sell, offer
for sale or distribute goods or ser vices that are substan-
tially associated with the franchisor’s, or the franchisor’s
associate’s, trade-mark, trade name, logo or advertising or
other commercial symbol, and
(B) the franchisor or the franchisor’s associate exercises sig-
nif‌icant control over, or offers signif‌icant assistance in,
the franchisee’s method of operation, including bui lding
design and fur nishings, locations, business organization,
marketing techniques or training, or

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