Appendix 3: Some Chemicals Found in E-cigarettes and Their Health Risks

AuthorJames G. Wigmore
 3
Some Chemicals Found in E-cigarettes
and Their Health Risks
Chemical name Health risk
-methyl phenanthrene cytotoxic/eye/skin irritation
, butanediol unknown risk
,-propanediol unknown risk
-acetylpyrorole skin irritant
,-dimethylpyrazine cytotoxic
,-pentanedione skin/eye irritation
,,-trimethylpyrazine cytotoxic
-hexen--ol eye irritation
-methyl--butanol cytotoxic
acetic acid respiratory tract irritation
aromadenendrene cytotoxic/skin irritation
benzyl acetate cytotoxic, eye/respiratory tract irritation
benzyl alcohol cytotoxic
butyl butyrate eye irritation, behavioral ef‌fects
camphor cytotoxic, systemic organ irritation, behavioral ef‌fects
cinnamaldehyde skin/respiratory tract irritation
cinnamyl alcohol unknown risks
coumarin systemic organ irritation/behavioral ef‌fects
diacetyl popcorn lung disease
diethylene glycol systemic organ irritation
ethylbutyrate mild ef‌fects/behavioral ef‌fects
ethylene glycol harmful ef‌fects

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