Appendix 5 - The Provincial Legislative Definitions of Tissue

AuthorMaureen McTeer
[  ]
– appendix  –
The Provincial Legisative
Definitions of Tissue
British Columbia
 : Human Tissue Gift Act, RSBC , c , s 
“Tissue”includes an organ, but does not include skin, bone, blood,
blood constituent or other tissue that is replaceable by natural processes
of repair
Note: Section  of the HTGA prohibits the direct or indirect sale of any
tissue, a term which is dened so as to include sperm (Lam v University
of British Columbia,  BCSC , para )
 : Human Tissue and Organ Donation Act, SA
, c H-., s 
[] Denitions
(l) “organ means a human organ whether whole or in sections, lobes
or parts;
(m) “tissue”means human tissue excluding organs
Scope of Act
is Act does not apply to the following:

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