Appendix 8: Ontario Regulation 330/04 under QCIPA

AuthorHalyna N. Perun; Michael Orr; Fannie Dimitriadis
No Amendments
This is the English version of a bilingual regulation.
Prevail over Act
1. The Independent Health Facilities Actprevails over the Act with respect to
any quality of care information collected by or prepared for a quality of care
committee established, appointed or approved by an independent health facil-
ity. O. Reg. 330/04, s. 1.
Not quality of care information
2. The following information is not “quality of care information” for the
purposes of the Act:
1. The fact that a quality of care committee met or conducted a review.
2. When the meeting or review took place. O. Reg. 330/04, s. 2.
3. For the purposes of the Act,
“member of the quality of care committee” includes every person who partici-
pates or assists with the committee’s functions as set out in clause (c) of
Appendix 8:
Ontario Regulation
330/04 under CIPA

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