Appendix D. Treatment Order (Section 672.58)

AuthorRichard D. Schneider; Hy Bloom
 
Treatment Order (Section 672.58)
This form is not contained in the Criminal Code. The following form is a
creation of one of this book’s authors, Richard Schneider. It is a modied
version of a form produced by the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney Gen-
eral. It has been modied slightly in order to permit the administrator of
the hospital to return the accused to court earlier than anticipated if the
treatment has been successful, and the accused rendered t, prior to the
return date on the information.
When an accused is to be returned to court earlier than anticipated, the
administrator issues a letter that authorizes the delivery of the accused
back to court. The administrator contacts the court clerk at the court, who
adds the information to the list. Duty counsel will notify counsel if the
accused has retained counsel or, alternatively, will take instructions.

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