Appendix III: Questionnaires

AuthorMartine Valois/Ian Greene/Craig Forcese/Peter McCormick
[  ]
Background questionnaire sent to all judges and
prothonotaries who agreed to be interviewed
All of your responses to these questions will be kept conf‌idential for  years
unless you provide us with your consent to quote you. Our primary interest is
the aggregate results of all the interviews. You may leave blank any questions
you do not wish to answer. Please return this questionnaire in the envelope provided
at your earliest convenience.
Your name: _________. (is is only to help us follow up, and to help us prepare
for the interview. Your name will not be recorded in the aggregate database.)
. Date of Birth: _________________________________
. Place of Birth: ________________________________
. University education prior to or after law degree
University or universities: _____________________________________________
Degree(s): _______________________________________ Years: _______________
. University from which law degree obtained: __________________________
Year: ____________
. Year of your (f‌irst) appointment to the bar: ___________
Which bar? __________________________________________
. Have you been appointed to additional bars? Yes __ No __
If yes, which bar(s) and year of appointment? _________________________
. Year appointed to the judiciary: _____________.
Which court? _______________________________

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