Appendix. Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia Rules

AuthorJohn Hollander
ontario, british columbia, and nova scotia rules
Ontario, British Columbia,
and Nova Scotia Rules
Ontario, Rules of Civil Procedure, RRO 1990,
Reg 194
Expert Witnesses
Experts’ Reports
() A party who intends to call an expert witness at trial to
respond to the expert witness of another party shall, not
less than  days before the pre-trial conference, serve
on every other party to the action a report, signed by the
expert, containing the information listed in subrule (.).
(.) A report provided for the purposes of subrule ()
or () shall contain the following information:
. e expert’s name, address and area of expertise.
. e expert’s qualications and employment and edu-
cational experiences in his or her area of expertise.
. e instructions provided to the expert in relation to
the proceeding.
. e nature of the opinion being sought and each
issue in the proceeding to which the opinion relates.

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