Appendix: websites

AuthorJamie Benidickson
Alberta Environment and Parks: aep.alb ert
Arctic Council: ww
British Columbia Mini stry of Environment & Climate Change Strateg y:
Canadian Council of Mi nisters of the Environment: w ww.ccme .ca
Canadian Env ironmental Asse ssment Agency: ww w.ceaa.gc.c a
Canadian Env ironmental Law Association: ww
Canadian In stitute of Resources Law: htt ps://
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society:
Canadian Water and Wastewater Associ ation:
Commis sion for Envi ronmental Cooperation:
Commis sioner of the Env ironment and Sustain able Development: internet /Engl ish/au _fs_e _370.
Committee on the Status of Endangered Wi ldlife in Canada: /
Convention on Biologic al Diversit y:
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species: w ww.cites .org
Environment and Climate Cha nge Canada: /en/
environme nt-climate- change.htm l
Environme ntal Comm issioner of O ntario: w a
Environmental Law Cent re (Alberta):

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