Aspects of International Law: From Interpretation to Law Making

AuthorLouis LeBel
PositionCounsel, Langlois Lawyers; Former Justice, Supreme Court of Canada (2000-2014)
(2017) 3(1) CJCCL
Aspects of International Law: From
Interpretation to Law Making
Louis LeBel
Counsel, Langlois Lawyers
Former Justice, Supreme Court of Canada (2000 - 2014)
Once again, the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary
Law has published a collection of essays on important and sensitive
legal issues, this time in Public International Law. We owe this new
collection to the initiative of Professors Lorne Neudorf, Chris Hunt, and
Robert Diab and the Faculty of Law at ompson Rivers University.
Its title is simply “Problems of Interpretation in International Law”.
is modest title understates the importance of this collection. It does
not pretend, as a textbook might claim to do, to fully review the state
of the law. Rather, it opens views on the actual life of International Law.
It reviews a number of current dicult issues and looks ahead to the
developing future of International Law. It shows that interpretation
does not operate solely as a technique to elicit meaning from text. It
means more than that as it moves beyond this stage to discuss how
interpretation impacts on the creation of the law and on the sometimes
tense relationship between International Law and domestic legal systems.
is collection looks at International Law from the perspective of
legal interpretation. Such a topic is well known to lawyers, judges, and
academics everywhere in Canadian law. Nevertheless, the nature of legal
interpretation and of its core principles, even after Rizzo1 and the rise of
1. Rizzo & Rizzo Shoes Ltd, Re, [1998] 1 SCR 27.

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