Associate Positions

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Associate Positions 59
Associate Positions
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When you embark on an associate job search, it is quite different from embarking on an articling job
search. An associate job search is more targeted than an art icling job search because you have now ac-
quired more information about yourself, the profession, and the market. As a result, you have a much
more solid foundation upon which to build a job search plan.
When sending out associate job applications, consider sending out only a few applications at a
time. It may no longer be strategic to send out f‌ifty letters at once since this is no longer a formalized
recruitment process, and such methods may appear unfocused and u nprofessional. You are at a stage
in your career development that is more individualized and professional. You should now favour qual-
ity over qu antity.
develop your career plan early
The most important message to be emphasized when building an associate career plan is to st art
early. To begin with, students need take a very thoughtful, private approach to understanding them-
selves. Many students followed other people’s suggestions when deciding to attend law school. Others
just followed the next logical next step; perhaps they did not feel they had f‌inished with their stud-
ies and were looking to extend their academic learning. Many entered law school because they had
the grades to get in, but never really analyzed why they chose law school or what they expec ted from
themselves and their degrees.
The longer you operate without a self-conscious understanding of what you really want out of your
experiences and career, the less likely it is that you will be able to take control over your own career
development and ensure that you are feeling productive and happy with your life.

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