Aviation & Aeronautics Law

AuthorJohn Eaton; Denis Le May
ProfessionLibrarian & Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba/Avocat, Barreau du Québec, Conseiller à la documentation en droit (1975?2006) et Chargé de cours, Faculté de droit, Université Laval
This topic comprises aspects of administrative law and transportion law. It is somewhat com-
plex in that it falls, on the one hand, into federal competency (in that it frequently involves
interprovincial and international operation), but it is also a provincial matter when it deals
with purely local transport. Ultimately, however, this topic is greatly informed by a number
of related international conventions to which Canada is a signatory. See also TRANSPORTA-
Le droit aérien comporte des aspects de droit ADMINISTRATIF et de droit des TRANSPORTS.
Ce qui le rend complexe, c’est, d’une part, le partage des compétences fédérales (interprovin-
cial et international) et provinciales (transport local) et, d’autre part, le recours au droit interna-
tional. Le transport aérien repose principalement sur de grandes conventions internationales
(dont celle dite « de Varsovie ») auxquelles le Canada a adhéré.
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