Boart Longyear sets up development digs in Sudbury: global diamond drill supplier and developer establishes foothold at NORCAT.

Author:Myers, Ella


Boart Longyear is putting down some diamond strong roots in Sudbury, choosing the city for their new development office.

In late September, the global developer and supplier of drill rigs announced at the Las Vegas MINExpo that the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) is the new home of their surface and underground diamond drilling technology development office.

NORCAT is the only non-profit regional innovation centre in the world with an operating mine that's used as a training facility and a test bed for mining-related products under development.

The mine helps small and medium enterprises, as well as global companies like Boart Longyear, to design, test, and showcase new technologies.

Boart Longyear has already started using the office and they are working on installing a diamond drill for work underground.

Boart Longyear was given $1.37 million from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation for the new office.

NORCAT CEO Don Duval said it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

"The fact that the big mining tech companies from...

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