Books received/Livres recus--October/Octobre 2012.


Le blanchiment de capitaux et le financement du terrorisme. Geert Delrue. Apeldoom, The Netherlands : Maklu. 2012.

Breaking Rules: The Social and Situational Dynamics of Young People's Urban Crime. Per-Olof H. Wikstrom, Dietrich Oberwittler, Kyle Treiber, and Beth Hardie. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 2012.

Corruption and Organized Crime in Europe: Illegal Partnerships. Philip Gouev and Vincenzo Ruggiero (Editors). New York, NY: Routledge. 2012.

Design Against Crime: Crime Proofing Everyday Products. Paul Ekblom (Editor). Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 2012.

Diversity in Uniform: A Conceptual Exploration of Diversity and an Empirical Investigation of Diversity in the Police Context. Anne R. van Ewijk. Portland, OR: Eleven International Publishing/International Specialized Book Services. 2012.

Doing Harder Time? The Experiences of an Ageing Male Prison Population in England and Wales. Natalie Mann. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company. 2012.

In Doubt: The Psychology of the Criminal Justice Process. Dan Simon. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2012.

International Drug Control: Consensus Fractured. David R. Bewley-Taylor. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. 2012.

Looking Beyond Suppression: Community Strategies to Reduce Gang Violence. Erika Gebo and Brenda J. Bond (Editors). Lanham, MD: The Rowman & Littlefield Public Group. 2012.

Most Deserving of Death? An Analysis of the Supreme Court's Death Penalty...

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