Broader Approaches to Community and Officer Safety and Well-Being

AuthorKent Roach
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Broader Approaches to Community
and Ocer Safety and Well-Being
Canada has the potential to be a global leader in situating policing into a
broader approach to public safety and well-being. Both Liberal and Con-
servative governments in Ontario have required local councils to produce
community safety and well-being plans with input from ocials from health,
education, community, social, and youth services, in addition to represent-
atives of the police and the police board. e advisory committees for the
creation of the plans are required to consult with youth, racialized and
Indigenous groups, and community organizations before preparing the plan.
e plans should develop strategies with “measurable outcomes” to address
“risk factors” such as “systemic discrimination and other social factors that
contribute to crime, victimization, addiction, drug overdose and suicide.” e
local council should then monitor the plan’s success and revise the plan in
subsequent years.
e plans recognize that the erosion of the welfare state and lack of treat-
ment of addiction and mental health are large factors in many crimes. e
plans were inspired by hubs or situation tables, which bring together multiple
agencies to discuss what should be done with respect to those individuals
identied as “high-risk.” e police bring the majority of such people to the
attention of the hub or situation table, but generally end up being primarily
responsible for only a small minority of the cases going forward. e lead
agencies for most individuals are health, family, or social service agencies.
Trial judges who see the end result of police arrests have also moved in this
direction by creating specialized drug, domestic violence, mental health, and

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