Building community: exploring the historic Town Halls of the Region.

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Built in 1869 by Jacob Y Shantz at the corner of King and Frederick streets, the Kitchener City Hall housed the city council chambers as well as the telegraph and postal offices. It was torn down in 1924. The clock tower remains as a symbol of the City of Kitchener. The second building stood until 1973 when it was rebuilt. A third, and current, City Hall was commissioned through a nation-wide design contest in 1989, with Bruce Kuwabara's design being chosen. The new building would be officially completed in 1993 and still stands today.

The Cambridge City Hall is located in what was then Gait. It was built in 1858following the designs of H.B. Sinclair and was the focus of much controversy. Many of the Gait residents felt the Italianate design was not grand enough for the emerging importance of Gait as a center of industry. Residents even held an "indignation meeting" to protest, but the city went ahead with the design.


The original Waterloo Town Hall was built in 1874 on the corner of Albert and Erb streets. The spacious building was designed to be...

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