Canada and International Copyright Law

AuthorLesley Ellen Harris
ProfessionLawyer, author, and educator
Canada and International
Copyright Law
“If all the Scrabble tiles ever produced were placed end to end they would reach
the equivalent of eight times around the earth.”
—“Scrabble: 60 Facts for Its 60th Birthday”
(published in The Telegraph , December 15, 2008)
Relevancy of International Copyright
Law to Canadians
When you photocopy an article in Canada that has been written by
a U.S. author, an international copyright issue arises. When Canadians
post and distribute content online, and access and use online content, an
international copyright issue often arises: Internet-based content by its
very nature of being accessible around the world involves international
copyright law. This chapter discusses the relevancy of international copy-
right law to Canadians. Speci c aspects relating to international copyr ight
issues are also in other chapters, including Chapter 15, “An Overview of
American Copyright Law.
The Concept of International
Copyright Protection
International copyright protection does not, per se, exist. There is no
one international copyright law. Each country has its own copyright
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