Chemical Symbols and Formulas

AuthorJames G. Wigmore
Chemical Symbols and Formulas
CHCHO acetaldehyde
CHCOOH acetic acid
CHCOCHCOOH acetoacetic acid
CHCOCH acetone
CHCHOH alcohol (ethanol, ethyl alcohol)
Br bromine
CH butane
Ca calcium
CaCl calcium chloride
C carbon
C–C carbon chains: one- to three-car bon chains (i.e., methyl,
ethyl, propyl)
CO carbon dioxide
CO carbon monoxide
Cl chlorine
CHCl chloroform
Cr(SO) chromic sulfate
DO deuterium oxide or heavy water
CHO ethyl glucuronide
CHOS ethyl sulfate
CHOHCHOH ethylene glycol
F f‌luorine

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